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A friend sent this to me. She is one of the nicest people I know and I value her opinion. Watch this and form your opinion. We are all free to form our own opinions here in the US.

It is hard to remain encouraging lately with all the things that are going on.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where is God?

When you read this and if you agree that "under God" should be left in the pledge,
then just comment and I will forward the votes to NBC.

Just let me know how you vote. YES or NO

If you think that your friends would like to vote, pass the link on to them. The more votes we get, the better.

Easy huh! Have a great day.

Shock to NBC  

Official versions  (changes in bold italics)


"I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

1892 to 1923

"I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

1923 to 1924

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

1924 to 1954

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

1954 to Present
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Do you believe that the word God should stay in American culture?

NBC  had a poll on this question. They had the highest Number of responses that they have ever had for one of their polls, and the Percentage was the same as this:

86% to keep the words, IN God We Trust on our currency and God in the Pledge of Allegiance
14% against

That is a pretty 'commanding' public response.

Now it is your turn. It is said that 86% of Americans believe the word God should stay.......

Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having 'In God We Trust' on our money and having God in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Why is the world catering to this 14%?


Live, Laugh, Love in Christ

These three words are the purpose of our lives. God wants us to Live, Laugh, and Love.

 Living life to the max is to know your creator.
  • Pray He agrees when you tell Him your plans. 
  • He wants you to depend on His grace and not your own understanding. 
  • He wants to see joy in your eyes when you are obeying his commands. 
  • He lives in your heart and whispers in your ear. 
  • He wants you to hear what he has to say.
As we approach the day of Jesus' death on Good Friday, and his Resurrection on Easter Sunday, we need to give thanks that God gave us his Son, Jesus, to bear our sins on the Cross. All the sins that man ever committed or will commit were carried by Jesus. 

I read Matthew 27 last Sunday. It was eye-opening to me.

The Death of Jesus

45 From the sixth hour until the ninth hour darkness came over all the land. 
46 About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ""Eloi, Eloi," "lama" "sabachthani?""--which means, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" 47 When some of those standing there heard this, they said, "He's calling Elijah." 48 Immediately one of them ran and got a sponge. He filled it with wine vinegar, put it on a stick, and offered it to Jesus to drink. 
49 The rest said, "Now leave him alone. Let's see if Elijah comes to save him." 
50 And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. 
51 At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. 
52 The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 
53 They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus' resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people. 
54 When the centurion and those with him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and all that had happened, they were terrified, and exclaimed, "Surely he was the Son of God!" 
55 Many women were there, watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs. 
56 Among them were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joses, and the mother of Zebedee's sons.

Verses 52-53
Did you ever notice these two verses before?
I had read them before, but they never had jumped off the page at me until Sunday, when Ray told me what his class discussed in Bible Study. Here is a copy of what Matthew Henry had to say:

"The graves were opened, and many bodies of saints which slept, arose. To whom they appeared, in what manner, and how they disappeared, we are not told; and we must not desire to be wise above what is written. The dreadful appearances of God in his providence, sometimes work strangely for the conviction and awakening of sinners. This was expressed in the terror that fell upon the centurion and the Roman soldiers. We may reflect with comfort on the abundant testimonies given to the character of Jesus; and, seeking to give no just cause of offence, we may leave it to the Lord to clear our characters, if we live to Him. Let us, with an eye of faith, behold Christ and him crucified, and be affected with that great love wherewith he loved us. But his friends could give no more than a look; they beheld him, but could not help him. Never were the horrid nature and effects of sin so tremendously displayed, as on that day when the beloved Son of the Father hung upon the cross, suffering for sin, the Just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God. Let us yield ourselves willingly to his service."    

I pray that this has helped someone in some way. I have the conviction that God spoke to me to put this out today. To me it shows that when Christ comes again, we will be taken from the grave and rise to Heaven with to be with God.


 I am going to expand this thought here. I will be in prayer and listening to what the Lord wants me to do.. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Have you ever been just sitting there and all of a sudden you feel like doing something nice for someone you care for. . . THAT'S GOD. . .. He talks to you through the Holy Spirit.
Have you ever been down and out and nobody seems to be around for you to talk to. .... .THAT'S GOD .. . . He wants you to talk to Him.

Have you ever been thinking about somebody that you haven't seen in a long time and then next thing you know you see them or receive a phone! Call from them. . . THAT'S GOD ... there is no such thing as coincidence.
Have you ever received something wonderful that you didn't even ask for, like money in the mail, a debt that had mysteriously been cleared, or a coupon to a department store where you had just seen something you wanted, but couldn't afford. .... THAT'S GOD. .. He knows the desires of your heart. .
Have you ever been in a situation and you had no clue how it is going to get better, but now you look back on it. . . THAT'S GOD. . ........ He passes us through tribulation to see a brighter day. .



I was thinking of You! Please share this link and share the Power of God.

In all that we do, we should totally give HIM thanks and our blessings will continue to multiply This message was sent to me by a close friend so so I could share it with the people that I care about. 
Keep this going for an eternity. 
NOW THAT'S GOD!!!!!!!!
Don't tell GOD how big your storm is . 
Tell the storm how big your GOD is! 
Remember Jesus Loves You


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are you Afraid of Anything?

I think we are all afraid to a certain extent. We are afraid that we will hurt others or we are afraid they will hurt us. We are afraid of flying, riding a bus, riding a train, running in a marathon, or being in a large crowd of people.

The Muslim Terrorists want us dead. There are Muslims that do not believe in jihad, but I am beginning to think that most of the ones in the Middle East do believe in jihad. I don't care who or what you believe in, hurting each other is wrong. In this war, the Muslims are the Bullies. We are the Good Guys. Of course, from the other side you could say the Muslims are the Good Guys and we are the bullies. What good does that do?

"It is assumed that the Koran is God's infallible word, and teaching contrary to the Koran is false. But, when the Christian tells the Muslim that Jesus is indeed the Son of God and one with God, that he did truly die on the Cross, was buried and rose again, that he did not foretell the coming of Mohammad, but warned his followers against false prophets, and that it is He who will raise the dead to life and sit as Judge of all men. The Muslim is then forced to believe all the Christian doctrine. which is contrary to the Koran, or to reject the Koran and Muhammad and the whole system of Islam and put his trust in Christ alone. Knowing how difficult it is to reject convictions held since childhood, it is not surprising  that Muslims almost always choose the former alternative." *

As Christians, we have a burning desire to for all those who do not believe in the love of Christ, a love that is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, a love that will create a passionate longing for Muslims to know and love Christ crucified and risen from the dead.

"Now to him by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, to Him be the Glory in the church and in Jesus Christ to all generations, for ever and ever. Amen" [Eph. 3:20-21]

This may not sound too Christian, but I am not so sure that we should be worrying about where they will be in the next life. We know they will not be in Heaven with us, but should we care so much. I think that if women were in charge, we would be able to settle all this mess. We would not want to send our sons off to war, whether it is an American or a Muslim. We would not want our sons to commit suicide to kill others. We would not want our sons to leave their families undefended to go to other countries to fight for people who do not even want us there. Why does this country keep throwing money and men at this problem? No one seems to appreciate that we have just about bankrupted our country giving away our hard earned taxes to them.

Our older people are in dire straits. Most cannot afford the medications they need and some cannot even afford food. That is how wonderful our Social Security System has become. The government seems to take from the system, but does not want to put the money back, or even give cost of living increases while they are giving away our tax money to strangers overseas.

If it were not for the Christian Churches in the United States, there are a lot of people who would starve to death. The Christian Churches are always sending missionaries overseas to help out those in need. Of course, our government sends plenty of money but the leaders seem to take it all and do not improve their people's plight. Somehow this all seems a little one-sided to me.

*The Christian Response to Islam, William M. Miller, Copyright 1976


Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is the Definition of a Cult?

Click on the link and you will learn the definition.

What is the definition of a cult?

This is the best definition I have heard of so far.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Terrifying




Death ;
is certain but the Bible speaks about untimely death!

Make a ;
personal reflection about this.......

Very ;
interesting, read until the end......

It is ;
written in the Bible (Galatians 6:7):

'Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

for whatsoever a man sow,

that shall he also reap...

Here are some men and women

who mocked God ;

John Lennon ;


Some years before, during his interview with
an American Magazine, he said:

'Christianity will end, it will disappear.
I do not have to argue about ;
that... ;
I am certain.
Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, ;
today we are more famous than Him' (1966).

Lennon, after ;
saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, ;
was shot six times.

Tancredo Neves

(President of Brazil ):

During ;
the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500,000 votes ;
from his party, not even God would remove him from ;

Sure he got the votes, ;
but he got sick a day before being made President, ;
then he died.

Cazuza ;

(Bi-sexual Brazilian ;
composer, singer and poet):

During a show in Canecio ( Rio de Janeiro ),
while smoking his cigarette, ;
he puffed out some smoke into the air ;
and said: 'God, that's for you.'

He died at ;
the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in a horrible manner.

The man who built the Titanic

After the construction of Titanic, ;
a reporter asked him how safe the ;
Titanic would be.

With an ironic tone he said:
'Not even God can sink it'

The result:
I think you all know what happened to the Titanic

Marilyn Monroe ;


She was visited by Billy Graham ;
during a presentation of a show.

He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her.

After hearing what the Preacher had to say,
she said:
'I don't need your Jesus'.

A week later, ;
she was found dead in her apartment

Bon Scott


The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. ;
On one of his 1979 songs he sang:

'Don't stop me; ;
I'm going down all the way, ;
down the highway to hell'.

On the 19th of February 1980, ;
Bon Scott was found dead, ;
he had been choked by his own vomit.

(IN 2005)

In Campinas , Brazil , a group of friends, drunk,
went to pick up a friend......

The mother accompanied her to the car ;
and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends ;
and she said to the daughter holding her hand, ;
who was already seated in the car:

'My Daughter, Go With God And May He Protect You.'

She responded: ;
'Only If He (God) travels In the trunk, ;
cause inside here.....
It's already full.'

Hours later, ;
news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, ;
everyone had died,

the car could ;
not be recognized what type of car it had been, ;
but surprisingly, the trunk was intact.

The police ;
said there was no way the trunk could have remained intact. ;
To their surprise, inside the trunk was a crate of eggs, ;
none was broken

Christine Hewitt ;

(Jamaican Journalist and entertainer) ;

said the Bible (Word of God) was the worst book
ever written.

In June 2006 ;
she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle.

Many more ;
important people have forgotten that there is no other name ;
that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus.

Many have died, ;
but only Jesus died and rose again, ;
and he is still alive.


PS: ;

If it was a ;
joke, you would have sent it to everyone. ;

So are you going to have courage to send this?.

I have done my part, Jesus said

'If you are embarrassed about me,

I will also be embarrassed
about you before my father.'

You ;
are my 8 in 8 seconds. ;
I am not breaking this. ;
No way!

Bishop T.D. Jakes '8 Second Prayer.' ;
Just repeat this prayer and see how God moves!!

'Lord, ;
I love you and I need you, ;
come into my heart, and bless me, ;
my family, my home, and my friends, ;
in Jesus' name. ;

Pass ;
this message to 8 people ;
You will receive a miracle tomorrow. ;
I Hope that you don't ignore and ;

let God bless you