Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reverend Dale Seeley - Prayer

James 5:16b ". . . the prayers of a righteous man (individual) is powerful and effective."

1. Ask God to bring us non-believers that we might share the Gospel with them.

2. Ask God to bring us seasoned believers looking for a new church home who can help us accomplish our mission.

3. Ask God to help us become more committed to developing our spiritual disciplines: praying, reading and studying the Bible, witnessing, giving of our time, talents, and financial resources, being involved in worship.

4. Ask God to bless the various ministries and missions that we do in His name.

5. Ask God to help us to be keenly aware of the various ways that Satan will try to sabotage the work of His church at First by creating disunity, distrust, fear, and division.

6. Ask God to protect our church staff and their families; physical and spiritual protection.

7. Ask God to give our church leaders a spirit of unity, oneness of purpose, and wisdom for guiding our church.

8. Ask God to give an even greater love for people that are without Christ and show us ways that we can share God's love with them..

9. Ask God to help us grow our preschool, children, and student ministry.

10. Ask God to give ou Pastor wisdom, discernment, and guidance as he prepares the weekly teachings/sermons.

--Reverend Dale Seeley, First Baptist Church of Newport News Virginia

(The Pastor asks that we pray for these things each day to grow our church and increase our committment to our community. I think it pretty much covers almost everything. I am on the Presidental Prayer Team which has been a real test for me since we changed administrations. I actually do pray for the President. I may not agree with his politics, policies, and programs, but I do believe in praying for my country and it's leaders. Especially, since Christian principles are what formed this country and we must maintain that continuity for the future of this country and our children.) - Barbara's comments

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