Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Editorial.Following God's Call to Popes and Paupers

By:  Dr. Jim White
Editor, Religious Herald

You probably heard the one about a guy named Rudy who claimed to know everybody in the world. “No, you don’t,” retorted his friend, Benny. “I’ll bet you don’t know the pope!”

“Sure I do,” replied Rudy. “Come to Rome and I’ll prove it.” So off they went to Rome where Benny stood with throngs of others in St. Peter’s Square. Just as he realized he had become separated from Rudy, the crowd began to cheer. The Pope made an appearance on the balcony, and to Benny’s utter amazement, standing beside him waving to the crowd, with Rudy.

Benny had to concede that his friend knew the Pope -- but he couldn’t know everybody in the world! To prove the point to himself, to the man next to him in the crowd he said, “Do you know that guy up there with the Pope?”. . .READ MORE

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